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Sunday March 3rd 2024

10am to 6pm

The Awaken Faire

The Moon Sisters present the 2nd Annual collaboration of esoteric & mystical practitioners, healers, teachers, oracles, vendors and more!

Experience a Mystical Menagerie of healing with yoga, reiki, sound healing, kirtan, ecstatic dance, breathwork, meditation, chakra balancing, aura photography, crystals, card readings, massage, acupuncture, herbs, plant medicine, and workshops & discussion groups, 

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the love medicine 


Ready to experience a your first plant medicine ceremony.. and not sure what to expect? 

CACAO is a lovely way to start.

First, no worries! 

It is non-hallucinogenic.. so if you are looking for that experience you won't find it in a cacao ceremony. What you can find is an amazing way of connecting with your heart where you can actually feel an internal expansion as you go deep into some beautiful heart healing and it aids in creative expression so if you are an artist or want to open up in this area it is an amazing facilitator.

Chocolate is medicine.

There is an ancient indigenous Mayan prophecy that states when the Earth and its people are out of balance, that cacao will come out from the rain forest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. It is more than apparent that that time is now.

There are so many forms of plant medicine coming out to help heal human consciousness. It is a huge blessing. It shows how much we need balance and how out of alignment we are. With so many facilitators bringing cacao out to serve in this awakening, one of the best ways we can be of service to you in this movement is to give you

 5 ways to get the most out of your cacao ceremony.

Get off caffeine.

Avoid caffeine preferably for a week and definitely for at least 2 days prior to your ceremony.  Our bodies are so dependent on stimulants that we can offset the effect that the cacao offers as she moves gently with her controlled stimulant effects and when our bodies are amped up on all the caffeine we cut off the ability to gently move with the medicine being offered.

Have a empty stomach.

Fasting is not necessary but don't have a full stomach.  Eat a few hours before or not at all so that you can more quickly and easily digest your cacao.

Know your Facilitator.

Each person that offers cacao ceremony will have their own way of facilitating. They may offer drumming, dancing, meditation, music or working on specific areas during each of their events. Find out what feels right for you. If you want to dance and they are doing deep meditation that may not be the right fit and vice versa.

Attend with Intention. 

Knowing why you want to go to ceremony and setting an intention prior to attending can be a huge gift to yourself. If you are able to, ask the night before, that the medicine come to you that night and prepare you for the ceremony. Ask to be given clarity on how to move forward in your life to help you heal the pieces that are hurting to show you how to joyously take responsibility for your life. Then as you participate in the ceremony bring that focus in again and see how much deeper your ceremony will be.

Let yourself let go! 

There is a joy and a creative force that cacao offers in the heart opening energies provided. When really connected in with cacao her greatest gift is to deepen the connection to your own amazing heart and expand on your ability to feel, be and give love. This is the force that moves us all so allow yourself to open, drop away some of that control and feel your magnificent heart beat with greater compassion and clarity so you can embrace your brilliant transformation. You are so worth it!

Aside from the energetics of working with the plant spirit, there are beautiful ways in which each facilitator has their own recipe for how to make their ceremonial cacao with active ingredients to open the heart even further.  Since each recipe is different, we thought it would be lovely to share the science behind cacao itself.  Now please note the below is from the active chemicals of true raw ceremonial cacao.  Almost all regular chocolate on the market does not have the full bliss chemicals offered.  No wonder ceremonial cacao was valued even above gold by the Mayans!


A neurotransmitter commonly known as the "feel-good chemical. Cacao not only supplies the body with serotonin, but also aids the body in producing its own serotonin naturally. Serotonin is well known for its ability to combat stress and improve our mood by promoting the feelings of comfort, contentment, happiness, relaxation, and well-being.

Phenylethylamine (PEA):

Better known as "the love chemical," for its association with the giddy excitement one feels when falling in love. When ingested, PEA stimulates the central nervous system to release the body's natural opium-like compounds called endorphins. PEA signals the body to promote the sensation of alertness, focus, and mental acuity, all while elevating one's mood, speeding up metabolism, and boosting memory.


In Sanskrit, ananda literally means "bliss," making anandamide the "bliss chemical" in chocolate. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter found naturally in cacao and also in the human brain (the only two places it has currently been discovered). Anandamide binds to the same receptors sites in the brain as THC from cannabis. Unlike THC, anandamide won't leave you in a mind-altered state, but, does produce a feeling of euphoria.


This chemical acts as a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes smooth muscle. Benefits of this chemical include enhanced blood flow and oxygenation to the brain in addition to long-term antioxidant properties.


Every cell in the body contains this mineral and requires it to function. Magnesium helps increase energy, calms nerves, aids in digestion, and relieves muscle aches and pains (among a whole host of other benefits).

We hope this helps you in making your ceremony an even more amazing event. If you feel called to come play and heal with us in Sacred Cacao Ceremony we offer these throughout the year so check our schedules and come join in the heart awakening you’ve been looking for. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Love & Light,


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